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freebsd daemon holding a trans flag instead of their usual trident

hey hey

My name’s violet, although i spell it violette in french. I am a student in computer science just about to graduate with a mastery degree in Sherbrooke’s University, Québec, as well as an engineering degree in Polytech Annecy, France.

This site is here to share everyday’s stuff, as well as important notes for people close to me.

I really like low level stuff, and see how a computer works at its heart, from a software perspective. I like sneaking around and go see how stuff works in Linux, FreeBSD, or even some BIOSes (i own a librebooted X200, and regularly “play” (or heavily complain) with Seabios).

On my free time, i like to play guitar, and listen to music (Sherbrooke has an amazing live Jazz scene!), rock climbing and taking pictures. I’m not remotely close to being good at any of this things, but i enjoy practicing them nonetheless.

This website somewhat sucks

But i like it! I really enjoy doing simple stuff, and when those things are efficient and performant. Therefore, i won’t be using JavaScript or anything like that.

Also, since i like playing with old tech, i want my services to be accessible to as many devices as possible, without making them or their user suffer (remember the X200? yeah browsing web on it sucks ; most website require JS and load tones of stuff, uselessly draining its battery).

dark theme

There’s a dark theme that loads along your preferences set in your browser. If you chose dark theme there, everything should play nicely with it here. However, if you wanna switch, there’s still a button BUT since i don’t use JS, i cant store your preferences, so it reset at each page change. Sorry!


Im french, and i will try to translate pages (but we both know im lazy and will not do it quick) in English and french. There will be some specific for fr/en tho, since some are write-up for me / friends / family, and would have no purpose once translated.


I have a git server here running Forgejo git, Once Forgejo has federation i guess i’ll be able to contribute to other people projects? Anyway, i also have a matrix server along with its QoL stuff (turn + ntfy) and a couple of mail servers. Since i operate myself those things (and there’s no backup) stuff has and will fail from time to time. I’m still learning :) (its getting better i swear)


There’s the stuff i use to talk to people:

  • mail:
  • matrix (~personal):
  • Fediverse (personal++):


  • CV!
    • CV as a manpage for nerds:
      curl -O --output-dir /tmp && man /tmp/violette.manpage.1.gz
  • git:
  • github (old): @thebigblase

well that’s pretty much it! i’ll see you around :)